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fuck you men 3 years ago
fuck you men what you doing
whi cars 3 years ago
why the fuck is he pushing her to his dick like to choke her thats just weird and he to horny then
2 years ago
this is rapt
2 years ago
I would suck a baseball bat in your ass you motherfucker you think you're cool guy huh
3 years ago
Sorry ass nigga
whatishername 2 years ago
1 year ago
This guy must not like girls
Ankit rajput 2 years ago
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....N3K0 1 year ago
Does he think sticking is d**k into her throat is enjoyable?
PU$$YNShit 5 months ago
Don't get me wrong I busted a nut to this but uhhhh this dude acted pissed that she was taking his lil pecker all the way like it wasn't shit he was trying to hard to make her gag lmao